How-to Login to UVU Service Center for the First Time

This article will outline how to login to the UVU Service Center for the first time to submit a request for service.


  1. On the log in screen enter your email address, click next.

  2. Click the “Log in with single sign-on” button.

  3. Enter your email in the Microsoft sign in window, click next.

  4. Enter your myUVU password, click Sign in.

  5. Follow your usual procedure for Duo authentication

  6. Click to stay signed in to Microsoft.

  7. Skip any questions that look like this.

  8. Enter your request per the categories shown in the Customer portal.


The above instructions are for a first time login to the UVU Service Center portal. Future login attempts to the portal will only require Microsoft authentication. For questions or help logging in to the portal, please contact the UVU Service Desk,, 801-863-8888.